“While There Is A Soul In Prison, I Am Not Free.

Bringing Compelling Cases To The Texas Court Of Criminal Appeals

A criminal conviction is a scary thing for anyone. When you have been arrested, charged and tried – and found guilty – this does not necessarily mean the end of the road. For best results, your defense attorney should be sure, during the trial, to keep open the possibility of an appeal afterward if necessary. The way your lawyer asks questions and brings up objections during the trial can lead to an effective appeal.

I am lawyer Ed Stapleton, an active defense attorney and appellate lawyer in Cameron County, Texas. From my law office in Brownsville, I bring appeals on behalf of my clients and those of other defense attorneys. My experience with criminal trials has given me insights into the following:

  • How to preserve error during trial
  • The types of issues most likely to succeed on appeal
  • The best approach to successful appeals

Basics Of Appellate Law

A criminal appeal in Cameron County, Texas goes through the 13th Court of Appeals, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is the highest court of criminal appeals. It is equivalent to the Texas Supreme Court, which only hears civil appeals. An appeal alleges that a trial that delivered a verdict was flawed in its outcome because of one or more of these factors:

  • Issues of law: The appeal alleges that the lower court made an error of law.
  • Evidence: The appeal alleges that the evidence presented in the first trial did not support the verdict.
  • Abuse of discretion by the lower court: The appeal alleges an errant ruling by the trial court.

My 40-plus years of experience in criminal defense in Texas have taught me to identify these elements of a criminal case upon close examination. When I try cases, I take steps that will allow my clients to appeal in case of an unsatisfactory decision by the jury.

I also have experience in helping inmates get paroled after serving a significant part of their sentence.

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“Psalm 102:20 To hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed to die.”

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